My Transfer History :)

Below is my server transfer history muhahahahhhh.


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Velika Outskirts Daily © Fragster

The daily from last night:

‘Cause it requires skill ^^

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We’re Back !


After a break of 4-5 months -> some Whatsapp messages, emails and skypes -> 2 weeks later we’re ALL back to Tera!
The result:


Fragster is back

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Tera EU PvP & Nexus Timetable

Here are the Tera Europe PvP times and Nexus times (updated):


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1st Cruel Visionmaker Weapon Tested

First Cruel Visionmaker Weapon (aka Nightforge PvP, PvP Visionmaker 2, Ruthless Visionmaker, PvP New Visionmaker) Lance in Tera EU tested. See how it performs against Cruel Conjunct (aka Strikeforce) and Old Conjunct.

Hope I can put soon some tests with PvE Luminous Visionmaker / Wonderholme (Aphrodite) Weapon.


Cruel Visionmaker autoattack: white damage 434 / crit damage 636
Cruel Conjunct autoattack: white damage 423 / crit damage 619
Old Conjunct autoattack: white damage 400 / crit damage 502

Attacker: Lancer with Cruel Visionmaker Hands +12; opponent: Full +12 Cruel Conjunct Priest with Indomnitable Zyrks. You can see all gear, stats, crystals in the movie.

And joke of the day:

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New Patch Gear Progression Guide

“DUNGEON ASSAULT” patch will come to Tera EU in October, bringing new sets of gear and accesories that will make the old ones pretty obsolete. Be ready for it ! Read the following guidlines (I will refer mostly to PvP-related aspects).

New Gear – Short Presentation

Strikeforce  (aka New Conjunct, Ruthless Conjunct, Conjunct 2) will be the mainstream PvP gear, pretty easy to get (you can actually get it in the first days) and quite powerful. So try to get it / +12 it ASAP. It requires moderate Bellicarium – Fraywind & Corsairs’ Stronghold and Killing Spree – 3v3 Champions’ Skyring farming, plus your old Conjunct set.

Nightforge PvP (aka PvP Visionmaker 2, Ruthless Visionmaker, PvP New Visionmaker) is supposed to be the top/OP PvP gear...

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Fragster: The 1st Exarch of Arborea

Today the 1st Exarch competition in Tera EU ended with Fragster claiming first spot on the most important EU server: PvP-Killian. Thanks every1 for the team work & dedication !


And to furthermore illustrate the efforts made check these:

fragster_exarch_2            fragster_exarch_3

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Fragster Series S02E02 – Fragster invades Zuras !

Fragster invades Zuras with lvl1′z ^^
And we’ll be back .. next time Killian is down. :)

Fragster Series presents a series (.. doh!) of strange/funny/kinky/cool things happening to (some of) our guildies. Enjoy ^^

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Our Alliance vs. Their Alliance – Easy Win

The pew-pew from yesterday: our alliance ( Dark Legion + Fragster + Red Zerg ) vs. their alliance ( Public Toilets + Codex + Shithunters + Shinsensmtg ) – easy win © Sammyjeev :

Another magnificent production by MadisonX .

Later edit: looks like their alliance is no more ..

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Gv2G: Fragster vs. Codex & Some No-Name Guild

No Nexus for you today Deioth :)
~same no. of ppl each side ( we were 25, they were 2-3 more I think )
Ty MadisonX ^^

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